The Prayer of Elijah
(10 Minutes)

The Restoration of Peter
Closing Worship
(22 Minutes)

May Classic
For the first Sunday following the National Day of Prayer and remembering also one of the last recorded appearances of Jesus to His disciples, we asked two questions:

1. Is the power in prayer. We compared the effects of 2700 "man hours" of prayer with 15 seconds of prayer offered by Elijah to see what made the difference. Read 1 Kings 18:16-39. Then listen to "The Prayer of Elijah".

2. How important for us is restoration in times of personal failure.
Even after seeing the risen Christ, Peter was still inclined to go back to the work in which he was engaged before Jesus called Him. Restoration is important to our experience of healing and reception of forgiveness. Read John 21. Then listen to "The Restoration of Peter".

The closing worship included Praise The Name of Jesus and In Christ Alone.