Don't Cry About The Weather! Instead come to:

                    Admit One   Dinner: $5 Donation    Movie: Free 
                       "New Life Dinner & A Movie"
           6:00 PM Dinner   7:00 PM Movie
                                       Saturday, March 16

During the cold, dark, winter nights, we offer an opportunity to get out of the house, enjoy a meal, watch a good movie with an enthusiastic crowd, get inspired, and  have some encouraging fellowship with others.

On St. Patrick's Day Everyone is Irish!

 This Saturday we will start our monthly Dinner and a Movie with a great drama of the life of Patrick, Apostle to the Irish, who was not
Irish! He was Welsh, captured at the age of 16 by Irish slave traders. For 6 years he served as a slave shepherd until "a voice" said, "Your
ship is ready." That's how it began, but it's far from the end.
Dinner starts at 6:00 PM. We will have some traditional Irish fare for which we ask a donation of $5.00 to help cover the meal costs.
The Movie will begin at 7:00. It's free and runs about an hour. 
We will also show a short clip on something no one had seen a hundred years ago - the marvelous inner workings of the human cell - about 10 minutes.
                     Hope you can join us and bring a friend!