Grief Recovery: The Healing Process 

Your teacher for this series, Faith Jorgensen from Simsbury, CT, is the Director of Women's Ministry at New Life In Christ Fellowship Church. Presently, this four-part series is being taught

Sessions (see below) are held downstairs in the Fellowship Area of

New Life In Christ, 250 Firetown Rd, Simsbury.

Each session lasts 2 hours. Materials and refreshments are provided. There is no cost - just a commitment to attend all the sessions. If you would like to make a donation, $40 per class is appreciated.
And important note: this is not a support group, but rather sessions designed to better equip
men and women to move through their own sorrow towards more and more healing or to come alongside others in their grief recorvery.
Call Faith at her home 860-658-7320 or email: 

Session 1: Authentic Grieving: Healing the Layers
       What is Authentic Grieving?What kind of time frame should I expect in my recovery?  Why does it take so long?  Does Grief have stages? These are some of the questions we will address in our first session. Faith shares from her own experience of living through the death of her daughter 8 years ago.

Session 2: Giving Sorrow Words: Speaking a Different Language 
      William Shakespeare said, "Give sorrow words." This session will provide an opportunity to practice expressing your sorrow through the written word. Faith will show through her poetry and prose how this kind of catharsis can bring relief from the burden of sorrow.

Session 3: Being Gentle With Ourselves: Taking Healing Steps
      Our final session will address how this traumatic loss has affected us neurologically; what 'Healing Steps' we can take to treat ourselves gently as we continue the process we began in Session 1: 'Healing the Layers'. This requires an adjusted expectation of ourselves, as we continue to choose life.
Session 4: Follow-up and Sharing Insights Learned from the Sessions.