"For understanding proverbs and parables, the words of the wise and their difficult questions…"     Proverbs  1:6

AHA! An experience of sudden insight, understanding or discovery.
It can also mean Ask Him Anything - for God can handle our hardest questions

AHA! Moments is a friendly forum where we can comfortably talk about personal questions and help each other pursue answers from a Christian perspective.
Currently, we meet one Saturday a month from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM.
  We are looking for a restart date. Check the website for updates.
                                    Thanks for joining us!

Regardless of your vaccination status the Town of Simsbury requires you to wear  your mask as you enter.
We meet downstairs in our large Fellowship Hall , which makes it easy to be socially distanced.  Once everyone is seated
we will invite you to take your mask off. But, please do what is comfortable for you and considerate of others.

Saturday (TBD)
New Life In Christ Fellowship Church
250 Firetown Rd, Simsbury

Outdoor Christmas Caroling

Sunday December 12   5:00 PM
We will begin with special Christmas lighting and then carol together at the front of the church. When we are finished you are invited in to get warm with treats and warm drinks.

Outdoor Christmas Caroling