New Life In Christ Fellowship is a local church in Simsbury, Connecticut established in 1963 to give visible witness to the reality of a personal relationship with God through faith in His Son Jesus Christ, as well as to the truth of God's Word, the peace that comes through His forgiveness, and the joy of telling others about His love.

The name New Life In Christ was chosen because God forgives our sins when we trust in His Son Jesus and gives us "new life in Christ", enabling us to live in a way that now shows love for God and for others. Everyone who believes that Jesus died for their sins and rose from the dead, and who acknowledges Him as "Lord" -  seeks to live for Christ following Him -  is born of God's Spirit. In the spirit God unites us with His Son and calls us "members of His body - His church", i.e. we are extensions of Jesus Christ, His representatives, so that through us He might continue to show His love and power to others.
We are affiliated with Converge Northeast, also know as the
Baptist General Conference, which is an
"evangelical" association of churches with a strong emphasis on Scripture and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. We also have a commitment to work with other congregations in the Farmington Valley to build together the church of Jesus Christ.

     Every believer is an important member of the church, the body of Christ. So our ministry seeks to involve and to serve others in as broad a manner as possible.  Because we are a smaller congregation we have a strong sense of the necessity of every member to fulfil his or her role in order to build up the body of Christ. We urge all to actively participate in the life of the church with the abilities Jesus Christ gives them.
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