We believe...
...in the reality of a personal relationship with
   God through faith in Jesus Christ.
...God exists in three "persons", the Father, His
   Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
...God loves us so much that He sent His Son to
   die for us so our sins might be forgiven.
...God raised Jesus from the dead. He is
   alive today continuing His work on behalf of
   and through the Church, His body here on earth.
...those who have faith in Jesus Christ have
 "new life" in Him: our sins are forgiven, we are
   restored to a "right" relationship with God,
   and His Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us!
...in the empowering of the Holy Spirit, who
   enables us to attest to the power of the risen
   Christ in word and deed.
...in the inerrancy of Scripture; that the Bible is the
   inspired authoritative Word of God.
...in the resurrection of the dead; that God will raise  
   us from death to live with Him forever.
And we believe that Jesus Christ is coming again!

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